The Best Diesel Engines: Top 10 Of All-Time

From the farm to the highway, construction equipment to gen-sets, and emergency vehicles to the trucks we drive every day, diesels have built—and continue to build—America. Even beyond our…

Rocky Mountain Shootout

The National Association of Diesel Motorsports (NADM) is the sanctioning body for

Dodge, Chevy, and Ford Battle in the Dirt

One of the more unique aspects of this particular event is that a concrete pavilion covers 250-feet worth of the track. This means the pull can be held rain or shine. Granted, if it rains, the…

Turbocharged Upgrade: HSP Diesel Duramax S300 Turbo System

Making 500hp in a 2001 to 2010 GM Duramax is easy, right? While easy may not be the right word, the Duramax is a very capable engine; with the right…

The Next Frontier To Duramax Drivability: Duramaxtuner ECM/TCM Matched Tuning Software

Performance tuning is nothing new to the Duramax market, companies like Duramaxtuner of Marengo, Illinois, have been using EFILive software to create custom tuning for the 2001+