Revving Up 2024: Exciting Shows from June to September

June 8-9 Atlantic City Truck Meet Atlantic City June 14-15 Freedom Truck Meet Van Wert, OH June 20-22nd Super National Truck and Tractor Pull Tomah, […]

Blessed and Grateful: A Journey Through the Automotive Culture

BLESSED AND THANKFUL Before we get started, I want to say that I understand this is a diesel magazine, however, for all intents and purposes, […]

The 1980 Chevy K30 Camper Special!

1980 Chevy K30 Camper Special David Balluck of Elkins, Arkansas, has owned this camper special for the past 10 years. His favorite part about it: […]

Top Performance Upgrades for Diesel Intake and Exhaust System

Do you want to boost the performance of your vehicle with a diesel engine? The upgrading of the intake and exhaust system, normally results in […]

Dirty Hooker Diesel's Triumph at the Ultimate Callout Challenge

The Incredible Story of Dirty Hooker Diesel’s Come-From-Behind Victory  Photos by Dustin Korth By the time this magazine hits your shelf, the dust will have […]

Inside Liberty Forged: A Journey Through Wheel Manufacturing

Touring The Liberty Forged Facility Photos by Mach1Media  Liberty Forged has become a force to be reckoned with in the truck industry over the past […]

Revamping Style: Liberty Forged Wheels on 1994 Ram 2500

Choosing New Wheels & Tires Photos by Tucker Harris  It’s finally time! We’ve been working on our project Stock to Not for about 5 months […]

Caleb Rennekamp’s F250 Transformation!

Shifted Industries’ Flagship Truck Photos by Mach 1 Media When Caleb Rennekamp isn’t running around with his mini-Highland cows on his Florida ranch, he can […]
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A Bagged & Tagged Street-Smart Diesel!

Lifted vs. lowered—that’s been the eternal battle in the minds of truck enthusiasts. In the late ’80s and early ’90s, lowered trucks ruled the scene […]

Lone Star Throwdown: A Decade of Automotive Culture Excellence

Over a Decade of Automotive Culture Excellence Photos by Mach1Media  For over a decade, Lone Star Throwdown (LST) has been a beacon in the automotive […]

Raw Power: A Look Back at the History of Tractor Pulling

The History of This Still-Thriving Sport Photos by Dustin Korth  In the world of motorsports, speed and precision typically run the game. The fine balance […]

1967 Jeep M725 Military Ambulance, A Journey from Stock to Off-Road Camping!

1967 Jeep M725 Military Ambulance Turned Off-Road Camping Rig Photos by Mach1Media Some of the best builds we’ve come across over the years have been […]

Stock to Not: Upgrading to Smeding Diesel S467 Turbocharger and Three-Piece T4 Manifold

Getting Closer to Reaching 700hp! Welcome back to another installment of “Stock to Not,” where we take our 1994 Ram 2500 and go from, well, […]

Top Performance Upgrades for Fuel, Intake, and Brakes!

TransferFlow 40-gallon Tank and Toolbox Combo  The 40-gallon refueling tank and toolbox combo is DOT legal to carry and transfer gasoline, diesel, and kerosene fuels. […]

The Ultimate 7.3L Power Stroke Transformation!

Everyone has their favorite engine configuration when it comes to power numbers, torque, performance, and all-over quality, but if you ask Ford diesel fans what […]

Randall Williams' Lowered 2017 Ford F-350 Super Duty

It doesn’t take being a shop owner to build the ultimate diesel, but it certainly doesn’t hurt! Between Randall Williams and his crew at The […]

The latest from diesel world!

Hey everyone! If you’re reading this right now, be sure to pat yourself on the back real quick. You made it through another month. Whether […]
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Engineered Excellence: Building a High-Performance Cummins for Daily Use

As a mechanical engineer, your mind becomes programmed a certain way and everything needs to serve a purpose. Everything needs to be precise and it […]

Unleashing Creativity: All Road Automotive's Signature Builds

All Road Automotive Does It All WITH CREATIVITY You’ve seen All Road Automotive’s builds at SEMA, Lone Star Throwdown, and the Daytona Truck Meet. The […]
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