RCD Performance CPX High Pressure Fuel Pump
RCD Performance CPX High Pressure Fuel Pump

The Ultimate CP4.2

CP4.2 failure is a very big fear in the 6.7L Power Stroke segment, and rightfully so. The lifter buckets are infamous for rotating in their bores, at which point the roller affixed to the bottom of the lifter bucket begins eating into the camshaft. In short order, metal shavings can take out the pump, lines, rails, injectors, and even the lift pump. RCD Performance has permanently solved the lifter bucket issue by pinning the buckets in place. For added insurance, a new feed port is machined in the CP4.2’s housing so that—in the rare event of a pump failure—metal shavings won’t contaminate the high-pressure chambers and be allowed to flow toward the rails and injectors. Called its CPX, the stock replacement version of its pinned pump starts at just $999.

Source: https://www.rcdperformance.com/

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