Dodge Cummins Scheid Diesel Super Stock Truck
Dodge Cummins Scheid Diesel Super Stock Truck

Brady Ingram Puts Scheid In The Winner’s Circle At NFMS

In the world of diesel truck pulling, the stage doesn’t get any bigger than hooking to the sled at the National Farm Machinery Show. For Saturday’s matinee running of the Championship Tractor Pull, nine Super Stock trucks took to the clay track and up-and-coming driver Brady Ingram (son of Brad and Susie Ingram) got the win. With a 235.89-foot effort, Brady put the Scheid Diesel second-gen Dodge out front by more than three feet—an impressive display on the short, hard-biting track in Freedom Hall. With Van Haisley, Kent Crowder, Jeremy Yeager, Shawn Hodges, Keith Witt, Aiden Hodges, Chase Elller, and Stoney Hargett also on hand, you could say Brady definitely had his work cut out for him in earning the win.

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