Allison Hit The Gym

BD Diesel Allison Transmission Upgrade Kit


BD’s Allison LML transmission has increased steel mass for better heat dissipation and up to 75% more clutch surface area over stock to handle more power and torque. It includes a heavy-duty pan with an extra 3.5-quart fluid capacity and comes with the BD Allison Pressure Controller.

BD Diesel

HEUI Performance

KB Diesel 7.3L HPOP lines


KB’s new High Pressure Oil Pump Lines for Ford 7.3L Power Stroke engines are constructed with high-temperature and high-pressure lines, providing exceptional durability. These lines eliminate the failure-prone STC fittings commonly found on the O.E. HPOP lines. A high-pressure crossover line is included, which equalizes the oil rail pressure between each head. This helps the engine run smoother, especially at idle. Assembled in the USA.

KB Diesel

Summer Towing Performance

Mishimoto 6.4L Trans Cooler


Mishimoto’s new transmission cooler is a direct fit for 2008-2010 Ford 6.4L Power Stroke equipped trucks. The new cooler increases the core volume by 63% over the stock cooler for increased cooling ability.


Fitting Fixer

Koul Tools 37-degree fitting repair tool


Koul Tools has introduced the latest addition to its line of hard-line sealing tools: “Fitting Fixer.” The Fitting Fixer utilizes an inverted cone with diamond-dust-coated lapping material to repair the conical sealing surface on 37° fittings. “An imperfection on the fitting can cause it to leak,” says Dick Raczuk, founder of Koul Tools. “And what if that fitting is a weld-in bung? Now you’ve got a major headache. In the past you would have to replace that fitting and maybe the tank as well. Now you can repair it.”

Koul Tools

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