DWI – 4 Leadership Tips

Why your business needs strong leadership

This is an ever-changing market, and in the grand scheme of things, our diesel industry isn’t very big, and we all have a niche customer base and employee pool to work with. Strong leadership skills are key to being successful in any business and regardless of how many employees you have or how long you’ve been around, your leadership skills can always be honed and improved.


Small businesses like most in the diesel industry usually only have a handful of employees, each of who contribute their fair share and are important to keeping your wheels turning and producing great products and customer service. Poor leadership could potentially lead to it all falling apart and put your business in jeopardy. Here are a few basic tips to understand how to be a good leader for your team.

Four tips to success

Offer a direction. Obviously, a successful business needs goals and an image of what the bigger picture will be. This can help everyone within the company stay on the right track. It’s much easier for someone to navigate their job and daily decisions if they know the final destination. A good leader will offer daily guidance as to what is expected that day and while you may have great employees that know their job and don’t need a lot of hand holding and guidance, your input can help motivate and remind everyone of the overall business plan. A good leader adds cohesiveness to a business and can not only establish the direction of the business but aid employees in staying on tract and working together with the same end goal in mind.

Communication. To go along with the previous idea, strong communication skills will become invaluable to a leader. You’ll be required to have your hand in just about every avenue of your business, so being able to communicate to your employees, your vendors and your customers will be vital to success. A strong leader can do all these things and communicate their experiences, opinions and suggestions openly and honestly to everyone involved with their business.

Think ahead. While it’s always important to be thinking about what’s happening right now to stay on top of things in your business, it’s also important to think about the future and prepare. In small business, it’s critical that an owner/leader can see where the business needs to be in five years. While not impossible, it’s a real uphill battle to run a small business without a forward-thinking attitude and plan for the future. A good leader will find those big opportunities for the future and be willing to jump on them when they come.

Lastly, being great at motivating is vital. With just a handful of employees around to accomplish all your daily tasks, keeping your team motivated improves efficiency and productivity. You’re paying those employees for their time to help you get work done. You’ve hired them to do tasks you either don’t have time to attend to or for the knowledge and skillset you can’t focus on while running a business. Get the best return on your investment in those employees by continuing to motivate them to be great at their job. Keeping employees happy and acknowledging their strengths will be to your benefit.

Working to perfect your leadership skills can not only make your business more successful, but it can expand your potential and versatility as a business owner. Great leaders build stronger foundations and more stable platforms for their business to stand and grow on.