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Frantz Oil Filtration Kit

In a performance driven market, spending your hard earned cash on go-fast parts like tuners, exhaust and turbos is most definitely fun and exciting, but one thing that is often overlooked on most trucks is basic fluid maintenance. Spending $100 every 3,000-5,000 miles on engine oil and filters is less than glamourous, but if you care about the longevity of your engine, scheduled engine oil maintenance plays a vital role in your trucks continued life on the road.

The Frantz Oil Filtration kit

For those looking to increase engine life effectively, extend oil change intervals, improve cooling and just save money on oil changes all together, the diesel specific supplemental oil filtration kits from Frantz Oil Filters can help keep that engine running clean for thousands of miles to come. The purpose of the Frantz Filter System is to deliver an endless supply of clean oil to your engine that can surpass what the factory filter can offer. The additional filter kit can be added to most engines in less than 30 minutes and can filter particles nearly 10 times smaller than the stock filter can.


Using a specially designed filter, the Frantz system is added to your engine as a supplemental filter to the factory filter. This additional filter media can remove even the smallest of particles down to 2 micron. The 4.25-inch dense cellulose based filter media basically piggybacks the factory filter and adds a second defense against oil contamination before it returns to the engine.

While it may look like just your everyday roll of cheap hotel toilet paper, the filter media supplied by Frantz is a specially designed paper material that removes small metal pieces, water, carbon soot, gum residues and abrasives within the oil before reintroducing it back into the engine.

The supplied filter base can be mounted just about anywhere along the frame rail or body near the engine. For this Duramax install, it was decided to mount inside the driver frame rail directly to the floor of the shield under the cab. This location is near the factory oil filter and in a great place for future filter services.

The factory oil filter has to be removed to install the Frantz adapter ring that will soon feed oil to the supplemental filter. So the oil pan and engine are drained of the old oil (due for a change anyhow) and a small sample is collected and after the same mileage is put on the new oil with the Frantz system installed, both samples of oil will be sent in to be analyzed.

The oil samples will be tested and compared to determine how much cleaner the engine oil is when running the Frantz system.

Through this filter, wear metals, dirt, gummy residue, water, carbon, soot and other abrasives are removed, which can extend the life of the oil, meaning less oil changes while improving the longevity of the engine.


While the test truck used for this installation is still racking up miles on the engine oil before it can be sent off for before/after comparison, Frantz supplied us with outside 3rd part oil tests from a 215,000 6.0L Power Stroke conducted by Blackstone Laboratories. The first sample of oil was taken from the engine with 4,711 miles on the engine oil itself. By just draining enough oil to get an adequate sample to be sent in and tested, the Frantz Filtration kit was added and run for 200 miles before draining all the oil for its normal oil change cycle at 5,000 miles.

Making the installation easy, the kit includes this billet aluminum cap with a quick disconnect fitting to be used as the return location for the oil coming from the Frantz filter. Oil is cleaned through the supplemental filter then dumped right back into the engine through this adapter.

The factory filter base will be tapped into using the supplied machined adapter ring. This simply threads into the stock location and is snugged up with a large wrench. The stock filter (new of course) can then be threaded onto this adapter.

The pre-Frantz dirty oil showed 41,182 contaminates at 2-microns in size, the post-Frantz dirty oil showed just 1,641 2-micron particles. That’s a reduction of 96% without actually changing the oil. Interestingly enough, before dumping in 15-qts. of brand new Shell Rotella T, it was also tested and showed 1,818 contaminate particles right out of the jug. So the 4, 900-mile Frantz filtered oil was actually cleaner than brand-new oil being added. DW

The supplied hose is fitted with the barbed fitting and quick disconnects and attached to the previously installed return oil cap. The hose is then routed through the engine bay and down to the new filter’s base. This is the “Out” or “Return” line.

The filter base has an “In” and “Out” port. So after attaching our return hose from the oil cap to the “Out” port, a second hose is cut to run from the “In” port to the brass elbow threaded into the adapter ring at the stock filters location.

With both lines hooked up and the factory filter snugged down, the Frantz filter is installed into the canister and attached to the new filter base via a supplied v-band clamp. This completes the install and the new engine oil can be poured into the proper level and the engine started to check for any leaks. After 5,000 miles, the oil will be drained and sampled for comparison testing.

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