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Is An ’01 Second-Gen Worth $33K?

In a crazy used truck market, compounded by the fact that pre-emissions diesels are hot buys all over the country, 20-year-old trucks are bringing big bucks these days. This candidate, listed at Gateway Car Connection, is about as clean as it gets for a second-gen 24-valve and is listed for $33,800. The ’01 model year, SLT trim Ram 2500 is four-wheel drive, equipped with the 47RE automatic, and shows just 113,761 miles on the odometer. As far as we can tell, it’s completely stock. So is it worth almost $34K? Rest assured, to someone likely thinks it is, and the dealer doesn’t expect it to last long on the lot.





U.C.C. 2022 Prep Begins For The Reigning Champ

Instead of thrashing at the last minute, it looks like Justin Zeigler is being proactive in defending his U.C.C. championship and has already started prepping for 2022. His ’06 Dodge’s chassis remains for sale, but the D&J Cummins, Exergy fuel system, and Wimer turbos are staying. Regardless what truck Justin brings to Indy, he has stated he’ll be holding nothing back the weekend of June 3-5. Rumor has it that former UCC champion, Derek Rose, will be making a comeback in 2022 as well. Needless to say, get yourself to Lucas Oil Raceway next June. It’s fixing to be very interesting…



More U.C.C. Prep…And A Billet 6.0L Block

Whether he and his team come to compete in U.C.C. or the ODSS drag races (perhaps both?), Canadian Redneck, Shawn Ellerton, promises to return to the Ultimate Callout Challenge in 2022. A closed northern border the past two years has forced him out of the UCC competition. This time, he’s bringing a whole new engine program with him—a 6.0L Power Stroke with a billet-aluminum block from Warren Diesel. Never known to be afraid of “sending it,” look for Shawn to go after a few 6.0L records in addition to eyeing a top finish at U.C.C. 2022.



Don’t Neglect Your Diesel

Winter is coming. Don’t neglect your diesel. Actually, never neglect your diesel, especially if you depend on it to make a living. This one comes to us from Hoover Built Performance in Asheboro, North Carolina. A 7.3L owner showed up with a lack of power complaint, and what was discovered in the fuel filter bowl turned out to only be the tip of the iceberg. Leaking up-pipes, a clogged air filter, and oil everywhere underneath led to a laundry list of problems that have likely been ignored for some time. Do yourself a favor and give your older truck a thorough once-over before Old Man Winter gets here.




Who Needs Valet Parking Anyway?

So you’ve got the bolt-action fourth-gen all cleaned up, the old lady riding shotgun, a fancy dinner in mind and you spot this sign in front of the establishment you plan to dine in. What do you do? With the art of operating a manually shifted vehicle fading so quickly from American life, will we see more of this kind of thing in the future? After all, you haven’t been able to order a Ram with a six-speed manual since 2018, but exactly how much longer until there are no longer stick shifts available in any vehicle, anywhere? Save the stick shifts!


Stuck The Landing

We’re not sure if the old K-series Chevy is a diesel or not, or have any idea what happened with the hitch, but whoever strapped this tractor down deserves a medal. While the responsible party won’t be ticketed for improperly securing the load, some other violations will likely be in order. This lawn dart-type of accident illustrates why hitch and safety chain checks are so important. Never get in a hurry to tow anything. Ever. It makes you wonder how many other trailers are being lugged up and down the highway in sketchy (rather than safe) fashion…




CARB Begins Development Of Tier 5 Emission Standards For Off-Road Engines

Seeking to reduce NOx and PM emissions by 50 to 90-percent (depending on the engine power category) in the 2028-2030 timeframe, the California Air Resources Board held its first public workshop on developing Tier 5 emission standards for off-road engines. Under consideration are new, more stringent emission limits, a new low load certification test cycle, and extended emission durability periods. The only holdup lies in the needed cooperation of the U.S. EPA. Without it, many California customers will presumably purchase less stringent (and more affordable) Tier 4 engines out-of-state.



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