Truck Of The Week

Jaw-Dropping Bullnose

Old-school doesn’t get much cooler than this. Enrique Smith nailed it with his take on the perfect bullnose Ford. Not only was his ’86 F-350 crew cab converted from gas to diesel and auto to manual, but it was also transformed from rear-wheel drive to 4×4. As for the diesel, he went with a 12-valve Cummins, backed up by the trusty ZF-5. A Kingpin Dana 60 dwells up front with a 2-inch reverse shackle kit and V-code Super Duty leaf springs. And while some might feel they’re out of place on an old bullnose, we think the 22.5’s look perfect tucked under Enrique’s old Ford.




Got Timing?

Ever wondered what kind of timing a Duramax sees at high rpm? Ever seen a Duramax spinning 7,500 rpm? Now you have. Hardway Performance has been busy tuning what is rumored to be the power plant destined to power the old “Non-Compliant” Pro Mod C7 Corvette. Thanks to running a set of giant injectors, which are only on for 1,000 microseconds at this engine speed, just 33 degrees of timing advance is required. This particular Duramax is being tested with a PSI C rotor blower. Will it also be water-meth and nitrous-injected like the engine in the Wagler rail? Bring ear protection when this one hits the track!



1,162 HP On Stock Rods

When you hit your 1,000hp goal on the rollers and decide to see what’s left in your combination, you might be getting your daily dyno’d at Maverick Diesel. After all, they can talk you into anything… Case in point, Ryan McNabb showed up with his ’03 Dodge hoping to crack 1,000-rwhp. But after clearing 1,046 hp and 1,801 lb-ft he asked if 1,100hp could be squeaked out of his factory rod 5.9L Cummins. Following agreeing to help clean up the mess if any iron left the block, Ryan’s third-gen belted out 1,162 hp and 1,842 lb-ft—and lived while doing it. Industrial Injection 170-percent over injectors and an 88mm/72mm compound arrangement are part of his potent recipe.




DHD’s New Tubular Race Manifolds

Better flow, weight savings, and extreme EGT durability make Dirty Hooker Diesel’s tubular exhaust manifolds a must-have item for any competition-caliber Duramax. DHD’s thicker wall, tubular manifolds increase exhaust flow by 45-percent, and that’s without any port modifications. An additional 30-percent gain in flow can be had by port matching and port blending them. DHD’s race manifolds boast stainless steel tubing .130-inches thick, ½-inch thick steel flanges, and TIG welding inside and out. They’re also designed to work with the same, extended length up-pipes found in DHD’s high flow kits, as well as PPE kits.





Hino Admits To Falsifying Engine Emissions Data

Hino Motors, the commercial vehicle branch of Toyota, has halted sales of various medium and heavy-duty vehicles in Japan after admitting to having submitting fraudulent emission and fuel economy data. While the issue effects A05C, A09C, and E13C model Japanese engines, North American Hino engines may also be high polluters—and the problem, which is SCR-related, was actually discovered in North America through an internal investigation performed on on-road engines right here in the states. Resolution measures, which may include complete recalls, are being weighed by Hino at this time.




Parts Rack

Banks 6.7L Monster Ram Intake Manifold

Banks’ new Monster Ram intake manifold is the only 50-state legal high performance intake elbow for ’22 model 6.7L Cummins engines, and the company’s manifold fits all ’07.5-’21 engines also. The Banks Monster Ram manifold offers an 88-percent Mass Air Flow gain over stock, and a 122-percent gain in cfm over factory. It ships with a billet high-flow intake plate, a high-flow heater coil for cold starts, a stainless steel EGR cover, and all necessary installation hardware. In addition, and whereas most replacement manifolds compromise their design in order to accommodate the number 1 fuel line, Banks includes a new line for added clearance. The reengineered fuel line affords the manifold a large, direct opening for more flow.




Nitto Announces The All-New Nomad Grappler

Looking for the perfect tire for your light-duty diesel? Nitto Tire has just released the Nomad Grappler, an all-terrain-like tire for SUV and CUV’s that provides improved off-road performance without sacrificing road manners. Zig zag lateral grooves and staggered sidewall lugs aid traction, while a variable pitch tread pattern allows for minimal road noise at highway speeds. The all-new tire also boasts a 3-peak mountain snowflake rating for all-weather capability. Confident in its wear rate, Nitto offers the Nomad Grappler with a 60,000-mile limited treadwear warranty. Twenty five different sizes, available in 17, 18, and 20-inch wheel diameters, are currently available.



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