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Is Done Right Done Racing?

Not a chance. But there is a rumor that Ben Shadday’s Wagler CX400 Cummins-powered, split-window Corvette is for sale. It’s also been rumored that Shadday, the owner of Done Right Diesel Parts, is simply looking to move into a No Prep Kings-legal Pro Mod instead of his current, ODSS record-holding ‘Vette. The possible sale comes on the heels of Shadday’s recent success, not to mention the highly successful response from fans, at a No Prep Kings event in Ennis, Texas. If Shadday makes the move, look for him to continue to run the Pro Mod class within ODSS.

Source: https://www.facebook.com/donerightdieselperformance



Diesel Classified’s

Full-Blown Pro Stock Puller

If ever there was an opportunity to dive into one of the most competitive classes in diesel motorsports, picking up Dennis and Linda Burk’s Pro Stock Dodge would be it. Dennis recently put feelers out on his ’01 Dodge 2500 (3.6-inch smooth bore), a puller with a Scheid-built, deck-plate Cummins, Pro Fab reverser and drop box and the whole nine yards—for $50,000! You likely can’t buy half of the engine for that… And for anyone looking to buy an entire turnkey pulling operation, the Burks’ ’99 Kenworth and 53-foot trailer might be up for grabs as well ($130,000 takes it all). So are the Burk’s, a husband and wife duo that’ve been involved in truck pulling for years, hanging up their dirt addiction? Not likely. In reality, it would likely mean they’d put a different toy together.


Red Hot And Up For Grabs

We challenge you to try to find this much truck, anywhere, for a lower price than $35,000. Kyle O’Connor’s ‘06 Dodge Ram 2500 SLT is as clean as they come and packing a pretty solid punch.  The 5.9L common-rail sports a fire-ringed head from King Speed, Hamilton pushrods, valve springs and retainers, S&S 200-percent over injectors with 6.7L feed tubes, dual (stock) CP3’s, a FASS 165-gph fuel system, and a Forced Inductions S476/87/.90. The 48RE is done right, too, with a billet flex plate, DPC four-disc, 2,400-rpm stall converter, TCS fat input and output shafts, a Sonnax intermediate, and a Muldoon’s valve body.




National Farm Machinery Show Invites Are Out

NFMS Championship Tractor Pull invitees have been summoned and the Super Stock Diesel Truck field is set! As always, a tough group of trucks will battle for the win at this prestigious affair, which has been held annually since 1969. Names like Van Haisley (Rock Hard Ram) and Kent Crowder (Scheid Diesel) are returning, Brady Ingram will take over driving duties for Scheid Diesel’s second-gen Dodge, with Aiden Hodges piloting the “On Borrowed Time” Ram, and newcomer Keith Witt will compete for the first time aboard his second-gen coined “Cross Wired.” The Super Stock trucks will take to the track on Saturday, February 18 at noon.

Source: https://farmmachineryshow.org/


OEM News

Is This Really Possible?

Will Ford soon fall to GM as the king of truck sales? The folks at Ford-Trucks think it might just be possible. In October, GM’s HD trucks made up nearly 52-percent of the HD market share—and almost 49-percent calendar year-to-date. J.D. Power also shows September Silverado HD sales as having a lead over Ford F-series HD in retail market share. As for us, we’ll believe it when we see it, as the end-of-year sales figures are yet to be tallied. One thing is for sure, supply chain issues have wreaked havoc in the automotive industry for the better part of two years now, which has shaken up the ranking on everything from sedans to crossovers and domestics to imports. And, there are no real signs of this trend subsiding in the near future.

Source: https://www.ford-trucks.com/articles/gm-is-threatening-to-take-hd-truck-sales-lead-from-ford/?fbclid=IwAR0DUILJ0dkV9RFVpv_SzjhsUDOj3WXkBt_CXdmQzWG0ElmNCTxIZ3IXwpY


Big Recall For Ram

Stellantis is reportedly voluntarily recalling an estimated 1.23 million Ram trucks for failuty tailgate latching mechanisms. Despite the 1.23 million figure, the recall is limited to specific model year 2019-2022 Rams, of the 1500, 2500, and 3500 variety. The specific issue involves the tailgate striker plates, which on certain trucks may not be sufficiently aligned to facilitate complete closure. The possibility of unsecured cargo spilling onto a roadway sums up the reason behind the recall. The massive recall calls for Ram owners to bring their trucks in to their local dealer for an inspection and realignment, as needed.

Source: https://newspressusa.com/publicReleaseView/75213/8569?token=hfAoFFB7uvdyT0ZrK9Bp&email_encrypt=Y2FyZ3V5NDIxMUB5YWhvby5jb21FbWFpbEhhc2g=




CARB Looking To Impose OBD, ABT, Idle Requirements

The California Air Resources Board (CARB) has been holding public workgroup meetings to discuss the development of Tier 5 emissions standards for new off-road diesel engines. CARB’s Tier 5 regulations would include more stringent emission limits in comparison to federal Tier 4 nonroad emissions standards, a few of which would be enhanced in-use compliance testing, extended useful-life periods, and a low-load emission cycle. It’s important to note here however that without a Tier 5 emission regulation standard set at the federal level the California-only Tier 5 standards would only have a limited effect—primarily because current regulations don’t prevent California residents from bringing off-road engines in from neighboring states.

Source: https://dieselnet.com/news/2022/12carb.php

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