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Power Stroke-powered ‘86 F-250

No, it’s not just another super-clean ’80-‘86 Ford sitting up on boggers, this one’s powered by a 6.7L Power Stroke! As the project of Jonathan Brooklyn’s father, Jonathan being the owner of Lead Foot Diesel Performance in Monroe, Georgia, you can bet it was built right. After sporting a 6.0L under the hood several years ago, it was torn down and sat for a while, but when Brooklyn’s mother was diagnosed with cancer the spark was reignited and the 6.7L swap went into full swing. Now, the finished product holds a certain, special sentimental value that helps the family remember her in addition to being the coolest thing cruising down the highway.


2,180 HP Power Stroke

Sometimes good and bad news go hand-in-hand. This was recently the case for the guys at Unlimited Diesel Performance. After saddling their P-pumped 7.3L Power Stroke pulling engine with a big single charger, their mechanical mule produced 2,180 hp and 2,812 lb-ft of torque on D&J Precision Machine’s dyno. This is one of (if not the highest) horsepower numbers ever recorded from a P-pumped Power Stroke. Unfortunately, a follow-up dyno pull yielded a rough running engine, bits of aluminum in the oil system, and upon teardown a bent connecting rod. Not to be deterred, the guys at UDP plan to have the engine up and running again soon, just in time for the start of pulling season.


Competition Classifieds

Built 12-Valve for 14K

If you’re looking for a competition-ready engine on a budget, Facebook’s Marketplace is quickly becoming the go-to place. Take Coltyn Du Pre’s 12-valve Cummins for example. Pieced together to compete in his local Pro Street Diesel Truck pulling class, it was built by Wagler Competition Products. The rundown on the internals includes a filled block and head, 6.7L crank, shot-peened 12-valve rods, Ross 0.040-inch over pistons, 15:1 compression, Hamilton cam, valves, valve springs, and pushrods, along with Harland Sharp rockers. For fuel, the engine comes with a 13mm Ag governor P7100, dual-feed Scheid 5×18 injectors, and a DSP fuel pump. Trucks in this class running a 2.6-inch smooth bore turbo are known to produce 800 to 900 hp at the wheels, so this engine could easily be capable of 1,000 hp at the crank. Not a bad price for 14 large.



U.C.C. Truck For Sale

Looking to build a UCC, Pro Street, or even a 5.90 Index truck? Snyder Performance Engineering’s U.C.C.-prepped Ford may get you there. Being sold without the 6.7L Power Stroke or 4R100 (although a turn-key purchase option is available for the right buyer), the ’10 Super Duty features an 8.50-second certified cage, is back-halved and front-quartered, is four-linked front and rear, has fiberglass bed and doors, and comes with all pulling gear and weights, wheels and tires, and even the parachute setup. Other highlights include a welded tube 10.5 rear axle for the drag strip, a spooled and chromoly axled Dana 80 for the dirt, and three pre-plumbed stages of nitrous ready to be hook


Old Truck, New Tricks

What do you do if you want the power of the 7.3L Power Stroke but the bull nose look? You swap the nose on your ’95 for one from an ’86. Aside from its throwback exterior appearance (not to mention the custom Firemist red paint), Austin Piper’s one-of-a-kind OBS Ford also sports a one-off T4 turbo setup that utilizes the stock up-pipes yet mounts an S366 in the valley and makes use of an intercooler. In-cab creature comforts include heated power leather seats robbed from a Ford Escape, and a center console and steering wheel out of an ’08 F-150.

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