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Fury Country Hunter M/T


Designed to be rugged for any terrain, the Country Hunter M/T offers a perfect blend of off-road traction, durable construction and aggressive styling, with reduced on-road noise and a long-lasting tread. The ability of the Country Hunter M/T to tackle dirt, sand, and rocks is due to its aggressive off-road tread design, with a beefy pattern to distribute surface contact evenly. This design reduces balance wear while eliminating mud and dirt accumulation between the treads, allowing uninterrupted surface grip. There are seven initial launch sizes ranging from 17 to 28 inches in-wheel diameter.

Fury Off Road

L5P Duramax Performance

Banks Power Derringer


Banks Power has introduced the newest product in its Derringer family of performance inline tuners. The Derringer is designed to give the L5P owner exceptional power, reliability, and safety. The Derringer adds a tested best-in-class power gain of 61 hp and torque gain of 112 lb-ft. Inspired by the “hideout gun” of the same name, the Derringer is an easily concealed plug-and-play microcomputer control module designed for quick installation and is waterproof for convenient under-hood mounting.

Banks Power

Super Tailgate

King Tailgates


King Tailgates offers an upgraded replacement option with concealed seating for standard OEM tailgates. In addition to seating, these tailgates feature a center console with removable waterproof Bluetooth speaker, dual cup holders, and a 12V USB charging port. The cushions, backrests and plastic top skins are all removable, which makes changing the look of your tailgate simple and easy. Change it to match the colors of your favorite sports team, for example, or your favorite camo pattern. You can also use the cushions away from the truck to take into sporting events or to kneel on when changing a tire.

King Tailgates

Late-Model Dmax Turbo

High Tech Turbo ProMax 64 VVT Upgrades


High Tech Turbo has announced its ProMax 64 VVT upgrades for 2004.5-2016 6.6L Duramax applications. The ProMax 64 VVT upgrades use the latest BorgWarner SX-E Forged Mill Wheel (FMW) compressor technology for strength and durability under the harshest driving conditions. The 7-blade 63.5mm FMW compressor wheel offers a broad powerband for great drivability while flowing enough air to support 600+ rear-wheel horsepower. The ProMax 64 also uses a larger-than-stock 10-blade turbine wheel for reduced drive pressures and better EGT control in higher-horsepower applications.

HT Turbo

Size Matters

RBP Magnum Series Exhaust Tips


Rolling Big Power’s newest exhaust tips, the RX-7 Magnum Series, are crafted from premium-grade T-304 stainless steel and undergo RBP’s four-stage hand polishing process or high-heat textured black powdercoating. The RX-7 Magnum Series exhaust tips measure 15 inches in length and are available in 6-, 7-, 8- and 10-inch outlet sizes with standard 4- and 5-inch inlet sizes. RBP’s Magnum exhaust tips are designed to be bolted on in minutes and require no welding.

Rolling Big Power

Storm’s Brewing

Throttle Down Kustoms Cyclone


The new Cyclone bumper from Throttle Down Kustoms offers an all-steel bumper design, an integrated air vent and a mount for a single-row, 20-inch LED light bar. Available for Chevy, Ford, GMC, Ram, and Toyota trucks, the new Cyclone bumpers offer a wide variety of custom design and finish options. Like all steel bumpers from Throttle Down Kustoms, the new Cyclone bumper is an exact-fit replacement for the OEM bumper, is hand-welded in the USA, and comes with a lifetime warranty.

Throttle Down Kustoms

OEM Finish

Curt Spectrum Brake Controllers


Unlike any other brake control available on the market, the Spectrum controls all brake settings with a simple push-button rotary knob. This knob mounts onto the dash of the vehicle, integrating with the other buttons and dials and providing a clean, OEM-style look and feel. Also, unlike other brake controls, the interface of the Spectrum is separated from the main module. While the knob is mounted on the vehicle dash, the main module can be installed anywhere, at any orientation and out of sight. This allows for cutting-edge brake control technology without the bulkiness and intrusive feel of other brake control systems.

Curt Manufacturing

Hand Braking

Wilwood Hydraulic Hand Brake


Wilwood’s new hydraulic handbrake lever assemblies provide a lightweight, high-leverage component for racing and high-performance builds, or any application where hand-actuation of one or more brake calipers is employed. Handbrakes can be configured as stand-alone circuits with dedicated fluid reservoirs and auxiliary calipers, or set up as a pass-through system to operate brake calipers that are also actuated by the foot-brake master cylinder.

Wilwood Engineering

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