Cool Charge

Banks 2011-16 6.6L Duramax Intercooler


Everything about the Banks intercooler system is bigger. It includes mandrel-bent, high-flow boost tubes, high-efficiency, all-aluminum end tanks, a wide-open inlet and outlet, and a thicker core area with an improvement in volume. The Banks intercooler dramatically increases the cooling capacity by balancing the richer fuel mixture with greater airflow and cooler, denser air. Denser air has more oxygen, which improves combustion as well as engine efficiency. Result: higher continuous power and more power at any exhaust gas temp (EGT), better fuel economy, and lower EGTs. Mounting hardware included.

Banks Power

Never Blown

Riffraff Diesel OBS 7.3L Intake Boots


Not only are these boots better than stock, Ford has discontinued them. So Riffraff Diesel stepped up and now manufacturers these superb direct replacement boots for your cracked factory pieces for 1994.5-97 OBS 7.3L Power Stroke trucks. This item features a black outer, aramid/Nomex reinforcement, and is rated to 550 degrees working temp. These boots are 100% made in the USA.

Riffraff Diesel Performance

Know It All

Zurich OBD2 Code Readers


Zurich OBD2 Code Readers provide precise measurements and readings, making complex vehicle diagnostic systems easy to understand and fix. All Zurich readers diagnose and clear trouble codes and lights on virtually every foreign and domestic vehicle manufactured since 1996. This new line was designed to have all of the features and functionability of leading brands at an affordable price.

Harbor Freight

Cummins Cooler

Mishimoto 6.7L Performance Aluminum Radiator


Mishimoto has just released its new Direct-Fit Aluminum Radiator for 2013+ Dodge Ram 6.7L Cummins. Constructed of fully TIG-welded aluminum side tanks and a two-inch-thick, three-row core for efficient cooling under heavy loads, this new radiator allows for an increased coolant capacity of 63% and surface area increase of 41%. Comes with a lifetime warranty and magnetic drain plug to capture and metallic debris in your cooling system.



Flex-A-Lite Engine Oil and Transmission Coolers



Flex-A-Lite has introduced a new line of advanced transmission and engine oil coolers that aims to raise the bar in performance cooling. These new Flex-A-Lite engine oil coolers provide up to four times the heat rejection compared to typical low-cost coolers, while the new transmission coolers transfer heat nearly two times better.



Kleinn Onboard Air and Horn System for Ram 1500


The Ram 1500 Onboard Air System with Train Horn is a 100% bolt-on kit that features a heavy-duty 150 psi waterproof air compressor with 3-gallon air tank and The Beast model 230 triple train horn, producing 153.3 decibels. No drilling, cutting, or welding is necessary and the kit can be installed using simple hand tools.

Kleinn Air Horns