7.3L Power Stroke Diesel Tutorial
7.3L Power Stroke Diesel Tutorial

The Ultimate 7.3L Tutorial

How well do you think you know 7.3L Power Strokes? For many, the distinguishing features are well-known and documented. For others, the differences between the two generations of the same engine are surprising. Longtime 7.3L guru, Garrett Mazon recently put together the ultimate tutorial on the specific differences between the ’94.5-’97 and the ’99-’03 engines. Whether you’re on a budget, need a truck that won’t be subjected to emissions testing, or you just miss your old reliable 7.3L, this video can help you decide which model year(s) to pursue. The video even breaks down the changes by serial number. Check it out!

Source: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=DV96tgkJ7ns

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