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Truck Of The Week

Justin Duffy’s Record-Setting Duramax Goes No-Prep Racing

You may have seen him drag racing on the ODSS 5.90 circuit recently, but Justin Duffy also dabbles in no-prep with his hard-running Duramax. Over the weekend, Justin and the infamous 5,800-pound Silverado, which he calls “Fat Amy,” won a hefty wad of cash after lining up against some stiff competition. Making the win even sweeter, Justin and a friend rebuilt the truck’s Allison in the parking lot with his transmission builder, Blake Crenshaw, walking them through the entire process via FaceTime. As proof that some heavy hitters were on hand, Justin had to take out UCC competitor David Petrick and his 2,000-plus hp crew cab Dodge in order to earn the win.



Texas Truck Jam

The latest stop on the Hot Shot’s Secret Hole Shot Diesel Series brought everyone to Ennis, Texas. Paired with the annual Texas Truck Jam event, things kicked off Friday night with no-prep action, which included some wild, track-long four-wheel drive burnouts. Then the skies opened all day Saturday, nearly ruining any chance to go racing. But despite Mother Nature doing her worst, some late-night drag racing was salvaged. And even though many trucks had already gone home, officials went right into eliminations for all classes (Pro Street, 5.90 Index, 6.70 Index, 7.70 Index, and ET Bracket).

Source: https://holeshotdieselseries.com/


No B.S. OBS Truck Show

The third annual No B.S. OBS Truck Show N’ Swap took place in Albany, Oregon over the weekend, and dozens of immaculate old-school Fords invaded OBS Solutions’ host premises. Both the Friday night Truck Cruise-In and Saturday truck show and swap meet were free to attend and participate in, with a $15,000 big item raffle being held as well. For 2021, the activities even extended into Sunday, with a 2-hour scenic truck cruise. If you’re an ’80-’97 Ford truck and Bronco enthusiast, you owe it to yourself to make it out to this one next time.

Source: https://obssolutions.net/




2,100HP Street Truck

Tyler Baker has built himself one nasty Quad Cab third-gen. The truck’s recent fling with a SuperFlow dyno yielded some pretty incredible numbers for a street-driven Ram: 2,118 hp and 2,824 lb-ft of torque, fuel-only. Tyler runs a billet Gen3 GTR turbo from Forced Inductions, a charger that’s available with compressor sizes ranging from 85mm to 114mm. Tuned by Hardway Performance, the tire-melting Cummins turns out peak horsepower at 4,100 rpm. Peak torque checks in at 3,800 rpm, which is both good on hard parts and a typical product of living the big single turbo life.

Source: https://www.hardwayperformance.com/


Barn Find OBS Listed For Nearly $50K

Used truck prices are high, but how much would you pay for a one-owner, rust-free OBS Ford with less than 73,000 miles on the odometer? This two-tone gem, a ’95 F-250 Super Cab 4×4 is 100-percent original, and was even undercoated by Ford when it was new. Complete records, dating back to when the truck first left the dealership, are part of the sale. The truck is currently listed for $48,500 at Lewis Motors in Evansville, Indiana. For a little perspective, brand-new in 1994/1995 this same OBS would’ve stickered for less than $30,000.

Source: https://www.lewismtrs.com/



OEM News

Is Toyota Planning To Offer A Diesel Tacoma In The U.S.?

Gear Junkie recently reported on some “curious behavior” from Toyota, and it involves a possible diesel or diesel-hybrid being offered in the Tacoma (various diesel powerplants have already been offered overseas for years in the Taco’s cousin, the Hilux). Apparently, at the end of 2019 Toyota filed a U.S. patent for an internal combustion engine that appears to be a small diesel. On top of that, a pro-diesel video published on YouTube by the car maker at the end of July suggests a Tacoma oil-burner might really be on the drawing board. Gear Junkie said it best: “As many across the industry abandon diesel for the electric revolution, Toyota opts to hang on to diesel and even hints at melding the two systems…” We can only hope!

Source: https://gearjunkie.com/news/toyota-hilux-tacoma-diesel-hybrid-trucks-usa



Parts Rack

Perfecting Your Power Stroke

For nearly 15 years, Riffraff Diesel Performance—a family-owned and operated business in Eagle Point, Oregon—has been a trust-worthy source for all of your Power Stroke engine needs. Specializing in 7.3L and 6.0L parts and accessories, they offer OEM Ford Motorcraft products at discount prices (and keep them in stock) and manufacture their own 6061-T6 billet aluminum upgrades. Whether you’re seeking drivetrain parts, suspension components, performance injectors, turbo upgrades, or a full-on engine overhaul kit, it’s Riffraff Diesel’s goal to keep your OBS, Super Duty or Excursion on the road for the long haul.

Source: https://www.riffraffdiesel.com


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