Revolutionary Elegance: Kenny Statton’s Transformed 2018 Ford F-350 Dually

Precision Simplicity

Sometimes all you need in life is a really clean dually. Kenneth Statton, who goes by Kenny, out of Claremore, Oklahoma, has built just that. His gray 2018 Ford F-350 has gone through quite the transformation to become a show build that showcases Liberty Forged wheels, the brand his son, Steven Statton, started, while still maintaining the ability to tow and be a workhorse around town. Starting off, the truck of course had to get a set of 26×12 Liberty’s (LBTYD19’s) that came wrapped in a set of 37” RT Venom Power Tires, with the front wheels being super singles. Up next meant dropping the truck off at Highway 20 Collision in Claremore to get some Liberty Forged graphics made by Outlaw Graphics installed on the side of the truck as well as getting a few parts paint-matched. While there, the truck got a Bodyguard bumper swap for the front and rear that ensures the truck looks super sharp while being able to take any beating that comes its way. Rear view mirrors and the epic Cervini hood were painted to match as well. Underneath the truck you can find a six inch Wicked Customs Megalodon Elite Kit that has been powdered Illusion Ruby Red, and it cannot be said enough how perfectly the powder compliments the metallic grey. In addition to the lift being powdered, Kenny went above and beyond and had the axles, the brakes, and the drivelines entirely powdered Illusion Ruby to really bring the undercarriage together as one cohesive design. Behind the wheels you’ll note Rek Gen Mud Flaps to help curb any debris being flung from the massive tires. And if you’re having a difficult time seeing the underside? Fear not! 24 Beemer rock lights have been installed that send a cascade light on every nook and cranny, allowing the powder to shine and sparkle with ease. Even on the Mach1Media shoot with this truck in the empty lakebed at SEMA 2023, there was almost no issue capturing everything underneath, which is pretty surprising considering how epically bright it can be out there! As far as the interior goes, Code Zero Customs did their thing and painted all of the plastic pieces, and installed a subwoofer with a custom enclosure under the back seat.

The 6.7 itself has also been modified to an extent, receiving a Maryland Performance Diesel Piping Kit and a CCV delete. As for exhaust, there is a five inch Flo Pro kit that lets the truck breathe that much better as well as subtly boosting the exhaust note. Keeping it reliable and easy to maintain were important build points; the truck tows Kenny’s sons truck across the country for all of the shows Liberty Forged finds themselves at. So that means throwing three gigantic turbos on it is out of the picture, for now, at least. You can, however, find this truck at most of the big truck events, such as; Lonestar Throwdown, Orange Beach Invasion, iDrive Showdown, Music City Showdown, Florida Truck Meet, Lifted Truck Nationals, and of course a plethora of local shows around Oklahoma, such as Slamboree. Although, the truck may be slightly different, as Kenny says he wants to lower the front down a just a little bit and run a normal dually front wheel instead of the super single. Other plans to update the truck include throwing in a set of red and grey leather seats made by Alea Leather!

All in all, Kenny stated the easiest part of the whole build was dropping it off to get built! And even better, the whole build only took four months in total, despite being sent the wrong blocks for the rear part of the lift! For most of us, four months isn’t even enough time to settle on the powder color, what suspension, or what turbo size you want to run. For Kenny, time flew by. He’s been right back at driving it like a normal dually, ripping it around town and towing whatever he needs to. Apart from being able to enjoy the truck with his family and friends, he says his favorite part is the front bumper, as it really sets off the look and sets the tone of the whole build. Be sure to keep an eye out for the Liberty Forged convoy at a show near you!

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