CP4 Failure 6.7L Power Stroke Hassler Diesel
CP4 Failure 6.7L Power Stroke Hassler Diesel

Another One Bites The Dust

It’s one of the most devastating failure points of the modern age, and your ’11-’16 LML Duramax or ’11-present 6.7L Power Stroke is always at risk of experiencing it: CP4.2 failure. Though most CP4 failures aren’t as catastrophic as this one, it’s not unheard of for the high-pressure fuel pump housing to explode when internal failure commences. This particular pump was discovered (and in the midst of being remedied) by the folks at Hassler Diesel. To date, air infiltration of the high-pressure fuel circuit remains the biggest cause of failure for the CP4.2, which contributes to the lifter buckets rotating and their respective roller lifters making metal-on-metal contact with the cam lobe.

Source: https://www.hasslerdiesel.com/

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