Make more Money by Working Less!
We thought that there was enough good information in our first time saving tips for shops article that we would have another go at it. After all the expression “time is money” has been a tried-and-true staple of business for decades. Who are we to argue?


Label Everything

Taking apart something on a vehicle as complicated as a modern diesel pickup can be quite a task. To remove one part, you might have to take off a number of other components that may or may not be related to what you’re working on. With many closely related nut and bolt sizes, it’s a good idea to keep track of where everything goes. This can mean separate boxes in a toolbox, Ziploc bags–whatever works best for you. Trust us on this one dell, taking the time to label will turn out to be much faster in the long run.


Have a mini lift

This is a time-saving tip that will not only save time it will save a lot of you as a person. Being a mechanic isn’t easy work, and it often involves heavy lifting in the form of engine parts, axles or transmissions. It can be greatly helpful for these items to be lifted via hydraulic means, weather jacks or transmission hoists, or cherry pickers, or electronic dollies or forklifts. It’s good to keep in good shape, but you don’t want your knees and back to pay the price later after you remove hundreds of Engines and Transmissions.


Photos are Your Friend

Another universal problem to any type of mechanics is having to work on a vehicle, take a break, and then come back to it. You might be burnt out on it, waiting for parts, waiting for a machine shop, or any of number among other things. If you have a long-term project around your shop, make sure to take plenty of photos of where you’re at, what you’re waiting for and why. Creating a photo gallery only takes a few minutes and with today’s smartphones it is easier than ever.


Make Your Own Tools

We’ve all been there. You can get to the nut or bolt and turn it, but only maybe a quarter turn at a time. Wrenches and sockets are not always a one-size-fits-all proposition when it comes to working on something. Having your own custom made tools that are hacked, chopped, wedged or welded together may look a little amateur, but it also can save you huge amounts of time. For jobs like head gaskets or Duramax water pumps, these types of tools can save you a bundle of time and money.

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