Faster, Harder, Cooler: KC Turbos KC300x

Faster, Harder, Cooler: KC Turbos KC300x

By Kelly Nomura | Images Provided by Manufacturer

Are you a perfectionist? Or someone who wants to have quality products? Well, you’re in luck. The long awaited and much anticipated new KC300x lineup of 7.3 turbos from KC Turbos (KCT) has arrived, and you won’t be disappointed when you see how well they run. They spent over a year testing it, perfecting it, and creating a top-notch product.


Already known for specializing in Ford Power Stroke performance parts, KCT didn’t hold back with their newest product offering. Piggybacking off the t4 s300sxe turbos because of compatibility and performance on the 7.3 Power Stroke, the KC300x was developed through extensive testing and adjustments to fine tune this turbo. It is offered as both a journal bearing option and ball bearing option, depending on your preference and injectors. Meanwhile the typical slim nose hub compressor wheel that are typically used by KC Turbos was replaced for a redesigned s300sxe wheel; it sure is close—just better. This slight change provided positive results that were proven in testing.


The larger, higher flowing s300-style turbine wheel is what makes this turbo stand out from the rest. This Borg Warner 300sxe-style wheel is offered in three sizes to suite your performance goals: 68mm, 70mm, and 73mm. The turbine wheels are 100% drop-in, allowing you to add them to your next DIY turbo project. The smaller 68mm is built for ’99 to ’03 Ford models, while the 70mm is made for ’94 to ’97 Ford models. The larger 73mm turbine wheel actually comes with a thicker shaft, only offered on the larger turbos. While other 7.3 drop-in turbos may change out only the billet compressor wheels, they ignore the turbine side completely. That’s not the case with the KC300x . This new s300-style turbine wheel design provides better spool up, cooler egts, and more power all throughout the powerband. When compared side by side to a stock wheel, the difference is crystal clear and performance is enhanced significantly.


Designed after the s300 wheels, the typically used slim hub was replaced with a thicker hub for the 7×7 FMW compressor wheels. This change proved worthy as it widened the compressor map and reduced surge. Also, the compressor cover has also been reworked for a larger MAP groove to assist with turbo surge and air flow, also found in other SXE-style comp covers.

“We are proud to offer turbos that spool faster, pull harder, and run cooler than anything else on the market. Our turbos literally scream POWER!” —Charlie Fish, Owner

KC Turbos really put its product to the test. They felt strongly about putting out a quality turbo that did not disappoint. During the year of testing, different sizes and variation of turbos were compared. Many hours spent on the Dyno, many nights on the quarter-mile track, and even towing in elevation helped develop the product seen today. But don’t just take our word for it, see the Dyno results yourself.



So, you might be asking yourself, what will this run me? Depending on your engine, it can range from $990 to $1240 for a journal bearing option or $1490 to $1590 for a ball bearing option. Whatever the model of your Power Stroke, there’s the perfect one for you. And just like all KC Turbo products, it comes with a 1-year warranty.

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