Diesel News 8.20.18

Truck of the Week

305K Cummins

Dominates Work Stock

Jeremy Haggerty had himself a heck of a weekend (August 17-19) hooking his third-gen four-door to the sled. After taking the win in the Work Stock class on Friday night in Avon, Illinois, he did the same thing Sunday evening in Lewistown, pulling it out the back door to the tune of 321 feet. His Dodge dually sports a 305,000-mile stock bottom end 5.9L that, just before the aforementioned wins, still made use of the factory head gasket, head bolts, and valve springs. His battle-tested Cummins is fitted with a stock-appearing, 68mm Tater Built turbo and tuning from Maverick Diesel.






Late Model Rules

36-Percent of U.S. Heavy-Duty Diesels Are ’11 or Newer

According to Diesel Technology Forum analysis using IHS Markit data (and as presented by Dieselnet.com), 36-percent of Class 3-8 diesel-equipped trucks in America are now powered by engines that meet ’11 or newer emissions standards. This means engines that utilize EGR, SCR, and DPF technology to curb NOx and particulate matter pollution. Among Class 8 trucks, Indiana, Tennessee, and the District of Columbia have the highest percentage of clean diesel technology (66%, 60%, and 48%, respectively), while the lowest percentages can be found in North Dakota (16%), South Dakota (17%), Alaska (20%), Idaho (21%), and Kentucky (23%).





Stainless Diesel Turbo

As a fan of making big horsepower on large single turbos, ODSS 5.90 Index competitor Paul Cato publicly endorsed Stainless Diesel last week—and for good reason. The 80mm 5-blade Stainless charger he’s been using on his 9-second drag truck has allowed the common-rail, second-gen to run 120-mph through the eighth. At 5,300 pounds, that’s 1,200+ hp at the wheels and somewhere around 1,400 hp at the crank. After being told the charger would be nearing its limit at 1,450 hp, Cato proceeded to make 80+ psi of boost with it and make consistent 5.9 and low-6-second passes on it. As we go to press, the big, T6 foot charger has yet to kick the bucket.
Photo Courtesy of Amy Gilbert





35 Years of Banks Improving Diesel Pickups

It’s hard to believe, but it’s been 35 years since Banks Power introduced its Sidewinder turbocharger system for GM’s 6.2L IDI. Released in 1983, this was the best way to get more power out of the lumbering naturally aspirated V-8. And, before the Cummins was even available as an option in Dodge trucks, you could buy a turbocharged 6.2L-powered truck (thanks to Banks) at any GMC dealer. Shortly after releasing the Sidewinder kit for GM’s 6.2L, Banks developed a system for Ford’s 6.9L IDI. Banks recently posted this throwback pic of Gale Banks himself, standing between a GM 6.2L and a Ford/International 6.9L, both of which are equipped with Sidewinder turbo systems and parked in front of their respective trucks.




Super Stocks

Bowling Green

It’s been a good year for Justin Gearhart and the Cream of the Crop Super Stock team, and a win at the National Tractor Pulling Championships in Bowling Green, Ohio (i.e. “Pulltown USA”) must’ve been a welcomed addition. The legendary affair in northwest Ohio is known for showcasing the best of the best in tractor pulling. During the Saturday night show, Gearhart ousted Shane Kellogg’s “Trump” by inches and the formidable Cody Hastings’ “Against the Grain” Dodge by less than five feet. That’s a tough feat to pull off with 20 competitors making the call to compete.




‘Ol Blue

Back in Action

It didn’t take long for Eric Merchant’s participation in U.C.C. 2018 to restart his truck pulling addiction. The former MTTP champion has been hitting the Michigan truck pull circuit lately in his ’02 GMC Sierra, coined “Ol Blue,” and running strong. Merchant’s truck ran a 10.95-second quarter-mile at U.C.C. back in May, along with earning an eighth place finish in the truck pull. The built Duramax under the hood makes use of a healthy, 72mm over 105mm compound turbo arrangement, as well as a water to air intercooler.




Event Alert

22nd Annual Scheid Diesel Extravaganza

Arguably diesel’s biggest event, the Scheid Diesel Extravaganza, will kick off this Friday in Terre Haute, Indiana and steamroll right on through the weekend with top-notch truck pulling, eighth-mile drag racing, and chassis dyno competitions. In addition to that, one of the biggest and best show ‘n shine contests in the industry takes place on Friday and Saturday, along with a massive manufacturer midway, as well as a kiddie tractor pull on Saturday. The truck and tractor pulls are sanctioned by the Lucas Oil Pro Pulling League and the ODSS drag races are held just a few hundred feet away at Crossroads Dragway with their final rounds being held on Sunday. Of course we’ll be there, keep an eye on our social media pages (@dieselworldmag) for live coverage.



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