DWI's Social Media Strategy: How To Grow Your Audience - Diesel World

Expanding your social media audience is key to any kind of growth. But before you do any of this, make sure you understand your audience first! Once you do, keep reading to learn how to grow your audience (and help your business grow too!).


You might not have heard of some of these tactics, or you might be doing some of them already! Either way, give these a look.

  1. Make sure you have strong profiles and pages. According to Sprout Social, the your profile is like “the homepage to your account.” It’s often the first or second thing people see when checking your account, so make sure it’s great! This means a clear and compelling profile photo (one of your logo is perfect), a short bio explaining who you are, and links to your outside webpages.
  2. Cross-promote your social media. If you both have an Instagram and a Facebook account, promote one account on the other one. This can be done more than once— doing it every few months is a good way to remind your followers about your presence on other platforms.
  3. Link to your social media elsewhere too. Promoting your social media doesn’t only have to happen on social media. Link to your accounts on your websites, your email signatures, even on signage in-store! Doing this increases your potential audience, thus expanding your brand awareness.
  4. Engage with other accounts. If people comment on your posts or on your page, reply! This makes people feel heard and builds brand loyalty. This is especially important if people ask questions about your business or have complaints. Additionally, follow people and accounts who you think might be interested in your business. It’s a good way to open the door for them to hear about you. You might even find someone who will want you to sponsor a post!
  5. Tailor your content to your desired audience. Now’s the chance to bring in all the things you’ve learned from our previous social media strategy post. If you know your audience likes four-stroke engines, post about them more! Or, if you know the age of your audience runs younger, don’t be afraid to make a few pop-culture references now and then. Is your audience mainly in one part of the country? Post about location-centric things (like trade shows) that will be relevant to them.
  6. Consider paid promotion. Though sometimes pricey, this can be a proven way to grow your audience. Through sponsored or promoted posts and ads, your content will reach people who you wouldn’t ordinarily (or easily) be able to reach.