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Don’t Call It A Comeback, Yet…

Former NHRDA President, Randy Cole, recently put out a call for a web developer to build a new NHRDA website. Does that mean what we think it means? Initially, rumor had it that the Pacific Northwest-based diesel drag racing organization would return for one or two races a year. Others speculated that the move would be to host a few reunion races at select venues. Then Cole announced that the former was closer to accurate, and that once a new, functioning website was up and running—and if sponsorship support was there—more information would be made available this fall. Sounds like a good start!





Non-Compliant Is One Step Closer To Hitting The Track Again

Some of the biggest names in the industry are onboard with the revival of one of the quickest diesel Pro Mods to ever grace the ‘660. The Non-Compliant C7 Corvette that beat Firepunk’s infamous S10 in its first official race is rumored to now be sporting a blown DX500 Duramax from Wagler Competition Products. Dual 14mm CP3’s, an SP3000 supply pump, and monstrous injectors from S&S Diesel Motorsport sum up the fuel side, while Sun Coast has been tasked with building the transmission (likely a TH400), and Hardway Performance’s Ryan Milliken will be hitting the keystrokes. The Pro Mod category may never be the same when this ‘Vette is back out on the track.





Let The Callouts Begin

Whether it’s a pair of diesel trucks going heads-up or an 8,000-pound crew cab taking on an exotic, now is the time to lock in a grudge race at Outlaw Diesel Revenge. The powers that be at Firepunk Diesel are looking for call outs and grudge races to fill the gap between ODSS pro class qualifying on Friday, June 3. As always, S&S Diesel Motorsport offered up $1,000 and another Friday night grudge belt, which has since doubled to $2K for a rematch between Derek Rose’s unreal low-4-second Ram and Ben Shadday’s split window Pro Mod Corvette. If you’re making the trip to the Ultimate Callout Challenge/Outlaw Diesel Revenge event, prepare to be highly entertained.



Puller’s Championship Weekend

Good weather blessed The Puller’s Championship at the Track at Holzhauer’s, a massive, first-ever truck and tractor pull that took place in Nashville, Illinois over the weekend. Among the long list of festivities, Super Stock Diesel 4×4 Trucks, Pro Stock Diesel 4×4 Trucks, the always-captivating Super Semis, Two Wheel Drive Trucks, and Pro Stock and Unlimited Super Stock tractors all took to the dirt. Spectating in person was cheap and the $20 cost of the livestream was donated directly to the ones who helped make the show possible: the pullers. A huge competitor and fan turnout means this one could easily became an annual affair. Pencil it in for next year now.



Randy’s Transmissions Dyno Day and Sled Pull

When you campaign a 9-second, triple-turbo dually and equip it with your own rock-solid transmission you’re bound to collect a few followers. Fast-forward several years and Randy Reyes and his team at Randy’s Transmissions are doing more than piecing together some of the best slushbox’s in the industry, they’re also hosting a big time dyno and truck pull event just outside of Salt Lake City. On May 7, 10 dyno competition categories ranging from emissions equipped to large twin turbo to unlimited were run, and with Work Stock Diesel, 3.6  Smoothbore, 3.0 Smoothbore, King of the Streets, Open Street Diesel, and King of the Diesels classes all accepting entries, there was a pulling category for everyone. Want to see more from this event? Check out our stream on our Facebook page!




Emissions News

LAFD’s New Electric Firetruck…Still Requires Diesel To Operate

Battery electric vehicle technology is being tried in the Los Angeles Fire Department by way of this vehicle: the Rosenbauer Group RTX Electric Firetruck. However, there is a catch. In full electric mode the firetruck has an approximate 2-hour operating range before the batteries will require recharging. To accomplish this onsite (you guessed it) an onboard diesel range extender fires up and kicks in, restoring the batteries to 100-percent in roughly 45 minutes. But fuel capacity limits for the diesel range extender mean it can only run approximately 90 minutes before having to be topped off. The truck itself is a feat of modern engineering, but how all of this plays out in the real-world remains to be seen.



California’s Plan To Reach Carbon Neutrality By 2045


Big changes are on their way to the Golden State, as CARB’s recent carbon neutrality plan states in clear terms. The plan entails: a drastic reduction in fossil fuel use (which not only includes gasoline and diesel but fossil fuels used to heat homes and buildings), an increase in public transportation (along with walking and biking), increased electrification of the transportation sector, and the scaling up of hydrogen use. In route to California’s end goal, a secondary mission is to reduce greenhouse gas production by at least 40-percent below 1990 levels by 2030.


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