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It said that 92% of people like pizza. If there’s a satisfaction rate higher than that, we’d be willing to bet it’s folks that want a “good deal.” Trying to “get your money’s worth” or get a deal on something is practically ingrained in a human’s psyche, as mile long lines on Black Friday well prove. With Thanksgiving coming up, it also brings into mind the special annual sales every Thanksgiving and Christmas. Oh oh, and don’t forget New Year’s sales as well.

The question here, is should you have a sale? While the answer is “maybe,” holiday blowouts are something you should be definitely aware of, and willing to participate in. Even if your shop isn’t giving any discounts, dealers, suppliers, and parts distributors might be looking to liquidate certain parts or discount other parts that they are well stocked in, to get a little end-of-the-year bump in profit.

We talked to Tyler Kipp of Industrial Injection products about their upcoming Black Friday sale to get a little insight on how they’re approaching the upcoming shopping holiday. “Mid November slows down quite a bit,” noted Kipp, “…because people are actually saving money specifically for Black Friday sales. With a position like ours, we can’t really afford not to have a Thanksgiving blowout because we move so much product. We have extended the sale from just one day, up to an entire week as many people have to mull over a situation over before they pull the trigger on a product.”

Tyler states: “Right now we have discounts from 10 to 30 percent. There is definitely an advantage to dealers who buy from us during this time, as they can buy products that they use regularly like injectors or turbos for a discounted price. We get plenty of end-users too, from the website, phone calls, and through local shops,” says Kipp.

If you’re a shop that also has a thriving parts business, it’s easy to see how beneficial holiday sales can be. On a cursory glance, many big companies such as Industrial Injection, XDP,  and Alligator Performance are all having sales, so now may be a good time to grab some deals. If not for yourself, you can stock up on products, and come out of the gate in 2020 with a bang!

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