A 5 Step Guide For Using Social Media to Promote Your Diesel Business
Social media isn’t just for lifestyle brands or huge corporations- it can be for you and your auto business too! It’s a great tool to promote your brand and boost sales, and it’s easier to get started than you think. Read our 5 step guide to learn how.

1. Don’t try to do it all. If you’re just starting out, don’t just dive into every social media channel. Instead of trying to promote your business on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, YouTube, and Snapchat, pick one or two to really focus in on. This is not only an easier way to get started, but it’s also a more effective and efficient method to promote your diesel business.

2. Make your social media work for you. Don’t have a social media presence just because someone has said ‘you need to have a social media presence.’ Instead, figure out what it is you want your social media to do. Do you want your social media to increase awareness of your business? Do you want it to lead customers to buy goods and services online? In-store? Do you want it to highlight what you’re doing day-to-day? Special events? Pick one or two of these goals before posting anything. Social media can be incredibly effective at doing any of these things, but like all good business practices, it must be directed towards something.

3. Know your people. If you don’t understand the audience that you’re trying to reach, you have the risk of promoting ideas and messaging that completely fall flat for your customers and followers. Figure out the ages and lifestyles of the customers you already have and the people you’re trying to reach so that you can make sure your marketing and messaging is geared towards them. The best marketing, no matter what it is or how it’s done, is audience centered.

4. Plan it out. In order to make sure what needs to be posted is posted, create a simple content calendar that says what is posted when. It’s a great idea to post something 2-3x a week. This can be done at the beginning of a month, and can be as simple as ‘Share a picture of what the diesel shop is doing every 2nd Monday.’ This will save you time in the long run and it will ensure you’re not posting too much of the same thing.

5. Don’t be afraid to get help. If this all seems overwhelming or confusing, read more about effective social media here and here. Social media is constantly changing, so don’t worry if you feel like you can’t always understand what is going on. Additionally, if you feel like you don’t have time to focus on social media for your diesel business, look at hiring a part-time social media specialist or intern. Social media can make you money, so sometimes it’s worth it to spend some money on developing it too.


And just like that, you’re ready to post! Don’t forget to keep track of how your posts are doing and don’t be afraid to change your social media plan either. Social media moves fast- it’s a more effective tool for you if you remember to stay on top of it.

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