All-New 2023 Super Duty

Commanding Presence, Performance And Capability

When Ford launched the Super Duty line in 1998, it changed the heavy-duty truck game forever. Back then, a maximum towing capacity upward of 14,000-pounds, a diesel engine option that turned out 500 lb-ft of torque, and on-the-fly 4×4 were huge selling points for the Super Duty. Soon, you’ll be able to order a Super Duty capable of towing more than 37,000 pounds and have access to a high output 6.7L Power Stroke that produces in excess of 475 hp and 1,050 lb-ft of torque. That’s right, the ‘23 Super Duty’s—said to be available in the first quarter of 2023—are just about here.

The face of a truck is everything. This is why, more than any other exterior change, nothing invokes a love-it-or-hate-it consumer reaction quite like a grille redesign does. For the ’23 Super Duty, there are seven different grille designs on the table, depending on the truck’s trim level and specific configuration. Left to right, Ford’s 2023 F-250 with Tremor Off-Road package, F-350 Limited, F-350 Lariat dually, and F-250 XL with STX Appearance package are shown here.

In predictable fashion, Ford focused its styling changes on subtle enhancement of its existing product(s) rather than reinvent the wheel. With Super Duty sales at the top of the heap (Covid-induced supply chain shortages notwithstanding), it’s no wonder Ford didn’t choose to rock the boat with the way its high-profitability workhorses look. However, there is plenty of “newness” to talk about. In addition to a new 6.7L Power Stroke, there are various cosmetic changes, off-road options, interior advancements, and state-of-the-art driver-assist technologies prospective buyers will be pleased to see—and we aim to cover all of them in this ’23 Super Duty first-look.

Perhaps the biggest news for the diesel world is Ford’s announcement that a high output 6.7L Power Stroke will be available on ’23 Super Duty’s. Unfortunately, at press time no power ratings had been released. We do know that the rumor mill has revealed the new H.O. diesel will be equipped with a unique turbo, upgraded exhaust manifolds, and unique tuning that targets best-in-class horsepower and torque. That means 475 hp or more and enough twist to top crosstown rival Ram’s 1,075 lb-ft 6.7L Cummins.
No wild makeover took place in the cab, but the redesigned dash is immediately noticeable, as is the brand-new digital instrument cluster. At press time, scant details had been made available on interior materials and other enhancements, but expect Ford’s tiered trim levels to reflect the types of finish, quality, and refinement present in ’22 Super Duty interiors. The inside of a Lariat trim F-350 is shown here.
Further driver assist technologies aboard the ’23 Super Duty entail intelligent adaptive cruise control, which includes stop-and-go functionality and lane-centering assist. Front and rear brake assist will be in play, too, which should keep drivers from hitting anything at low speed and/or in reverse. Then there are trailer theft alert, vehicle security, and fleet start inhibit technologies on the table as well.
For complete comfort, Ford has introduced its Max Recline seats for 2023. The segment-first feature offers fully reclining front seats. Literally, they fold almost completely horizontal. But not only that, they raise the seat bottom up to complete what amounts to a nearly 100-percent flat surface. The option provides optimized comfort during downtime, or when a rest period is needed during a long haul.
Here, an F-250 with Ford’s Tremor package performs a flex test at the automaker’s Romeo, Michigan proving grounds. More than any other package, Tremor delivers the most bang for the buck for the would-be off-roader. In this situation, the selectable “Rock Crawl” mode in the truck’s Trail Control would come in very handy.
Adequate access to the bed is key for any truck intended for work, and Super Duty’s aren’t exactly getting smaller… So for 2023, Ford integrated box side steps, rear corner bumper steps, and even improved the tailgate step. Now, not only does the tailgate step extend lower to the ground, but hand holds have been strategically placed within the bed rails to aid bed entry.
Of course, the Super Duty’s Remote Power Tailgate feature is still present, and we’re told the quirks that existed in previous models have been worked out. As with earlier versions, the tailgate can be dropped using your key fob.
Speaking of the Tremor package, it continues on in 2023 with its higher front-end, uniquely-tuned suspension, and 35-inch all-terrains on exclusive 18-inch wheels as standard equipment. The solid Dana Advantek M256 front axle also continues to sport a limited slip differential and axle vent tubes, while the rear axle maintains an electronic locking differential. New for 2023, the Tremor package will bring Trail Turn Assist into the fold, a technology that helps mitigate tight bends.
It was only a matter of time before this bit of F-150 tech began to be applied to the Super Duty, and now here it is. The Pro Power Onboard system includes a 2.0 kW onboard generator for portable power generation with two outlets available in the bed. Charging batteries, operating saws, and running air compressors just got a whole lot easier. Pro Power Onboard is available in any trim level, but becomes standard beginning with Lariat.
Ford’s new Upfit Integration System (or UIS) is geared toward the customer that requires a utility body, crane, plow, or other post-production add-on to get the job done. The one-of-a-kind digital solution provides aftermarket upfitters added access to the Super Duty’s electrical system and signals in order to seamlessly integrate their hardware into the truck’s digital displays. Among other things, this means equipment makers can add digital buttons which allow drivers and operators to control equipment from inside the truck.
While no towing or payload capacities had yet been released when this issue went to print, it’s clear that Ford’s objective is more than simply pulling or hauling the most in the class. Approximately 96-percent of Super Duty owners tow with their trucks, so it makes sense why so many trailer tow assist features were added (or improved upon) for 2023.
Even truck purists have come around to Ford’s avant-garde Pro Trailer Backup Assist technology. The feature requires you to press the trailer backup button and rotate the dial positioned above the integrated trailer brake controller module in the dash.
By moving the dial left or right, the Pro Trailer Backup Assist system takes over the truck’s steering wheel inputs for you to. It’s a tool that makes the chore of hooking on to a trailer or maneuvering a trailer full of blind spots a thing of the past.
Ford has stated its goal was to leave drivers with zero blind spots, no matter the trailer they have behind them. This is why there are 14 new available camera views for 2023. According to Ford Super Duty chief engineer, Andrew Kernahan: “Camera views provide every angle, from simulating a drone to making sure customers can see behind the truck even when the tailgate is down.”
Camera views, navigation, and infotainment system controls are displayed on dash-integrated, touchscreen monitors. An 8-inch touchscreen infotainment system comes standard beginning with XL trim Super Duty’s, while upper trim levels are fitted with the 12-inch touchscreen that debuted in ‘22. Available audio systems come in the form of a 640-watt B&O sound system with 8 speakers or an 18-speaker, 1080-watt B&O system.
There’s no question that the ’23 Super Duty will be one of the most capable heavy-duty pickups ever built when it comes to powertrain, chassis, and towing and payload capacities, but that isn’t enough for Ford. The company has continually improved the safety of its F-250 and larger workhorses just as it has with the wildly popular F-150. For 2023, the Super Duty will have blind-spot monitoring available for fifth-wheel and gooseneck towing. On top of that, there is also a 360-degree camera system designed exclusively for trailers.
Giving the term navigation a whole new meaning, on the 2023 Super Duty Ford has included its Trailer Navigation driver assist technology. Designed to make life easier while towing, the system takes your trailer’s specific dimensions (and weight) into account and displays the most trailer-friendly route(s) for you. No more impossibly-tight turns or low bridges to navigate. And, in trucks properly equipped, navigation information will be viewable via the head-up display.
For the first time, a head-up display is being offered on the Super Duty line. Just as cameras, forward and reverse sensors, and blind-spot monitoring are intended to make the experience behind the wheel as uneventful as possible, this one is geared around safety, too. To limit distractions, a variety of parameters can be monitored via the head-up display, including information provided by the aforementioned Trailer Navigation system.
In case you were wondering, the 2023 models will be produced in the same, Louisville-based Kentucky Truck Plant that all Super Duty trucks before them have been. Ford’s Kentucky Truck Plant employs more than 12,000 people, and one of them is Chris England, who hails from the Ford Super Duty body shop. According to Ford, Chris owns a ‘99 F-350, ‘15 F-250 and a ‘16 F-350. Collectively, he has almost 750,000 miles on his Super Duty trucks. What better promotion of a product is there than owning the same trucks you build for a living?

Speaking of the tailgate, Ford added a second camera, this one located in the top of the tailgate, for ’23. The additional means of visibility is in place exclusively to make backing a trailer easier (i.e. you don’t lose visibility of the trailer with the tailgate down like you did on the old Super Duty). Ford also added a Tailgate Down Reverse Sensing system, which is exactly what it sounds like.
For optimum visibility, even of what’s coming up around the bend, headlights with dynamic bending will be introduced on ’23 Super Duty’s. The technology will likely function according to steering inputs and is one of a plethora of driver assist additions aimed at making the Super Duty driving experience as safe as possible.
Ford’s Smart Hitch system is intended to measure tongue weight when pulling a trailer. It uses suspension sensors as well as the information you input into the system about your trailer when initially hooking on to it. For many Super Duty owners, most of which are seasoned in the art of pulling a trailer, tongue weight concerns aren’t a big deal. However, the Smart Hitch system is a great way to get an idea of what your tongue weight is if you’re unsure.


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