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Diesel World April 2024


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About the Magazine

Dive into the April issue of Diesel World and explore a range of powerful features and essential tech insights. Discover the story of a clean one-owner 'Factory' '06 RAM 2500 that not only stands out but competes at the highest level. Experience the transformation of a Super Duty Ford Excursion in 'Go Big or Go Home,' where size and performance merge seamlessly. Explore the revolutionary upgrade of FASS EGR Filter Kits and get insights into sled-pulling action with the smokin' max 2002 Chevrolet. In the tech and how-to section, witness the dyno testing journey of a '94 RAM 2500 from stock to a powerhouse. Stay up-to-date with the latest from Diesel World through the Editor's Note, and explore hot products for your diesel build in the Parts Rack. Plan your diesel adventures with the Events Directory for 2024, and gain a glimpse into the future of the Diesel World with 'Dabbling in Diesel.' Plus, catch event coverage from PRI, bringing you the pulse of the diesel community. Don't miss out on this packed issue featuring clean builds, powerful upgrades, and the latest in diesel innovation!