Diesel World Magazine is the only tech-oriented publication on the market today that covers the complete diesel-powered market, right down to the latest diesel-powered cars. It’s a one-stop-shopping resource to find out what’s new in the market place, learn about the hottest new products, and see how these products can improve your diesel ownership experience by improving power, mileage and longevity. The magazine offers in-depth road tests and evaluations on both diesel-powered cars and trucks, along with all the latest news on which new diesel vehicles are coming to the US market and what to expect in terms of fuel economy.

The editors of Diesel World are seasoned automotive journalists who, each month, bring readers in-depth tech articles, spectacular feature layouts and awesome event coverage of the world of diesel motorsports which includes drag racing, sled pulling and dyno competitions. They are hands-on enthusiasts who can make even the most difficult technical subject into a story that average diesel owner can learn and benefit from. With a philosophy of inform and entertain, the editors also dig deep to find the unusual and interesting, such as diesel-powered muscle cars and weird diesel engine transplants.