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Justin Zeigler Wins Ultimate Callout Challenge

It was a blockbuster weekend in Indianapolis, and the star of the show was Justin Zeigler. After his 5,200-pound Ram clicked off a 5.3-second eighth-mile on Day 1, he proceeded to lay down 2,443 hp and 3,282 lb-ft of torque on the dyno on Day 2. Then, in a moment that came down to the wire, Justin’s 290-foot sled pull on Day 3 proved just enough to seal the overall win when Chris Buhidar’s 299.65-foot effort came up short of where he needed to finish in the dirt. In terms of scoring, just 100 points (at this even, thousands are on the table…) separated First through Fifth Place at U.C.C. 2021—proof that this event is as competitive as it’s ever been.






How To Blow Up A Cummins

Power Driven Diesel’s Todd Welch put on a carnage clinic during his time on the dyno at Ultimate Callout Challenge. With PDD’s backup U.C.C. engine sitting under the hood, a plan to force 140 psi of boost through it, and a promise that they’d be aiming for 3,000 hp, fireworks were expected—and they definitely came. In fact, when the Cummins grenaded it was one of the most impressive displays of catastrophic engine failure in recent memory, with at least three pistons being spotted considerable distances from the truck… In the future, we hope to see engine cables and more crowd control being implemented around dyno festivities of this magnitude.

Check out the video from our Event Stream here: https://fb.watch/5IaQpSu2E8/



Outlaw Diesel Revenge

Believe it or not, the Ultimate Callout Challenge wasn’t the only action taking place at Lucas Oil Raceway in Indianapolis May 21-23. The Outlaw Diesel Super Series was in town for the Outlaw Diesel Revenge stop on its schedule, which was combined with U.C.C. this year. In Pro Street, Dirty Hooker Diesel’s Duramax-powered Silverado took the win, along with putting up a new best pass of 5.03 at 149 mph with Tyler Burkhard behind the wheel. In Pro Mod, Brett Deutsch got the W in his ’69 Chevy C10, while Jared Jones and the Scheid Diesel team edged out Hollyrock’s new Duramax rail in Pro Dragster. The 5.90 Index final was tight, with Dustin Sterling beating Rick Fletes in the infamous, wheels-up Chevelle. 6.70 belonged to Landon Miller, 7.70 Index went to Dante Delaney, and Matt Mansker sealed the win in the ET Bracket class.

Source: https://www.outlawdieselss.com/



A Long, Crazy Haul To Indy

In order to make the call at this year’s Ultimate Callout Challenge, KC Turbo’s Charlie Fish had to make a 1,700-mile trip (each way) from Arizona. However, not even half way into the journey, a freak north Texas snowstorm slowed them down to 30-mph, where they were rear-ended by a traveler cruising at 70. Luckily, the trailer did its job and the race truck trapped inside suffered only slight damage. Instead of throwing in the towel, Charlie and his crew had the trailer repaired enough to be deemed road-worthy, and pressed on toward Indy. Once there, the short-bed 6.0L Power Stroke they brought with them ran 5.70s in the eighth-mile, cleared 1,820 hp on the dyno, and ended up taking 11th Place overall.

Source: https://kcturbos.com/



The Header Of All Headers

You’ve seen Cummins headers before, but probably never one this nice. Putting his fabrication skills to the ultimate test, Firepunk Diesel’s Cody Fisher concocted this masterpiece for Josh Scruggs’ Pro Street Cummins. The 6-1 header was constructed from schedule 10 pipe and took him 35 hours to build. But why is it necessary? To accommodate the monstrous single turbo Scruggs runs—a 5-inch inducer unit from Wimer Fuel Injection & Turbo that looks like it was robbed off of a Pro Stock tractor. Hopefully it performs as well as the aftermarket manifold options already on the market do. We will soon find out!

Source: https://shop.firepunk.com/


The Latest From DieselWorldMag.com


Swaps, Swaps, Swaps

Diesel Swaps tend to be on just about everyone’s list of “one day” projects. So, seeing an old Chevelle with a Duramax for example, makes every car person get excited, even more so for us diesel nuts. Over the last 15 years we’ve shared countless diesel swapped rides, from boats to trucks and even a gold cart. Given this months Diesel Swaps theme, we thought we’d share a few of our favorites from years past.

LINK: https://www.dieselworldmag.com/diesel-trucks/swaps-swaps-swaps/


OEM News

2022 Chevrolet Silverado HD Multi-Flex Tailgate

2022 Chevrolet Silverado HD Multi-Flex Tailgate

Multi-Flex Tailgate

In GM’s own words, “this tailgate party just got bigger.” For 2022 model 2500 HD and 3500 HD trucks, the same Multi-Flex tailgate option offered on 1500 models will be available. Its Multi-Flex tailgate configurations can be activated using the key fob or two tailgate-mounted buttons (one for the full tailgate and the other for the inner tailgate). Additionally, there is a power tailgate button on the truck’s instrument panel. Also new for 2022 is an exterior color called Greenstone Metallic. GM’s 2022 model HD’s will become available starting this summer.

Source: https://media.chevrolet.com/media/us/en/chevrolet/home.html